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Aveda Facials

Utilising natural products, Aveda facials restores healthy balance to the skin without jeopardising the skin's integrity. Call today for a free consultation on how to leave your skin feeling renewed and revitalised.

Elemental Nature facials

Elemental Nature facials are based on Ayurveda, a 5,000 year old Indian healing tradition that tells us the spirit of infinity, air, fire, water, and earth are to be found in all living things, including you. When these elements are in balance, your skin looks healthy and radiant.


After a personalised consultation, our beautician will create a unique series of treatments to ensure you look - and feel - beautiful

Brighten your skin and put a smile back on your face

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Outer peace acne relief facial

Acne relief isn't just about exfoliation; our complete solution treats everything, including: professional exfoliation, pore extractions, redness reductions, stress-relief techniques and individual diet tips to ensure an acne-free lifestyle.

All-sensitive facial

Utilising a variety of techniques that return hyper-responsive skin to a state of balance, our all-sensitive facials combines modern expertise with unique botanical ingredients to ensure gentle but effective and reliable care.

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Bring out your inner shine.