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Momoko Digital Curling

Creating a new look is no hassle thanks to the use of the revolutionary Momoko Digital Curling technique. Using Digital Curling technology, we create all types of waved or curly hair on almost all types of hair. Using different strengths of treatments on different areas, we can guarantee you'll love your new curly haired look and feel like a new woman.

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Nathan Walker - Technical Director at Trevor Sorbie

“The Momoko Digital Curl offers the perfect solution for women who spend time curling with tongs, wands or rollers. The treatment creates movement to support the styling of gorgeous bouncy curls and waves and it’ll drastically reduce the amount of time you spend styling and ensure your finished style doesn’t drop out. You can simply shape it with your hands and blow dry into place.”

Momoko Straightening

Utilising new techniques, Momoko Straightening allows us to provide you with permanently straightened hair, all year round. Whether you're looking for effortlessly smooth, natural looking hair, or a slim line, poker straight design, we'll create the perfect look suited to both you and your needs. Only the roots need to be retreated in future, leaving you with more time to get ready before going out, and less time straightening your hair.

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Momoko Hair Shaping – From poker straight to super curls and everything inbetween…

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